Kährs Luxury Tiles brochure

LVT vinyl flooring

Our vinyl floors combine the beautiful and natural appearance of wood and stone with all the benefits of modern LVT flooring technology. They are produced with focus on promoting a good indoor air quality - all our floors are phthalate-free and we also offer a PVC-free range.

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Kährs Wood Flooring brochure

Wood flooring

Our passion for wood is manifested in the outstanding design, high technical performance and quality of our wood floors. Over the decades, we have been constantly exploring new ways of perfecting our methods of making the best, most beautiful and sustainable wood floors in the world.

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Kährs Retail Flooring Guide

Retail Flooring

Individuality is at the heart of modern marketing and retailers need to find a way to communicate their brand story using their surroundings. Kährs provides floors with the power to take the customers’ experience to the next level. Floors that attract, engage and convert. Beyond expectations.

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Kährs Estrad brochure

Contract vinyl sheet

Kährs Upofloor Estrad is a range of practical and versatile contract vinyl flooring for public permises, that provides excellent wear resistance and performance in demanding applications such as education, healthcare and service sectors.

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Kährs Estrad Safety brochure

Safety Flooring

Kährs Upofloor Estrad Safety covers the coefficient of friction ratings of R10, R11 and R12, including products that are suitable for wet room flooring.

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Quartz floor

Kährs Upofloor Quartz is suited for areas within education, healthcare, retail/shop-fitting, and other public spaces where a durable, sustainable and easy-to-install option is needed.

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Zero floor

The Zero product family of flooring materials have always
been environmentally and user-friendly, due to being
made from our innovative PVC-free flooring material

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