Hardwood flooring

Kährs offers a wide range of high quality engineered wood flooring, suitable for both commercial and residential settings. From crispy white to nearly black, find the perfect wood floor for your interior.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Combining the beautiful and natural appearance of wood and stone with all the benefits of modern resilient flooring, our LVT flooring range provides excellent durability even in areas with high traffic.
We also offer a PVC-free range.

Contract vinyl sheet

Kährs Upofloor Estrad is a range of practical and versatile contract vinyl flooring for public permises, that provides excellent wear resistance and performance in demanding applications such as education, healthcare and service sectors.

Quartz tiles

Durable flooring tiles that offer easy installation, low maintenance costs, and promotes creativity in public spaces. Kährs Upofloor Quartz comes in a variety of colours, design options, and 3 modular sizes: 12” square, 24” square and 12”x24” rectangle.

Commercial carpets

We offer high quality modulyss carpet tiles in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The modulyss carpet tile collection is available in a variety of colours, structures and patterns, providing endless possibilities to mix & match products to suit any interior style.

Flooring samples for architects & designers

With our quality hardwood floors and vinyl floors, we offer complete flooring solutions for your project, whether it's for a café, boutique, office, gym, exhibition hall or private home. We provide a diversity of flooring designs for you to choose from. Order free flooring samples to feel the floor surface, to see the actual colour, and to get an idea of how our floors can accentuate the atmosphere and add value to your project – because the floor is the base to every interior.

A trusted partner for you and your project

Need flooring for a restaurant, hotel or a residential project? No matter where you are located – we will support you! Kährs is a global market-leading flooring company with roots in Sweden, where our head office and main production plant still are based since 1857. Quality, innovation and sustainability are some of the core values that have characterised our history – and still set us apart.

Pattern flooring

Patterned floors give a characteristic and sometimes dramatic expression to the whole interior. Chevron, herringbone or basketweave box repeat patterns, which is your favourite? We offer you a wide selection of pattern floors, both in terms of designs, flooring materials and installation methods.

Beauty with a conscience

When you choose a Kährs floor, you make a good environmental choice. We have a history of dedicating ourselves to finding the most environmental friendly ways of producing our floors. We call it Beauty with a conscience.