When choosing a floor, it is important to bear in mind its ability to withstand wear and tear in the context it will be used. In areas of high floor traffic, special attention must be paid to the product quality, as well as the surface treatment. We recommend using oiled surfaces in areas with more wear and tear, and always together with our specially developed maintenance program. In other areas, the choice of surface treatment is more flexible and both oiled and lacquered surfaces can be used.

Wood flooring for normal traffic areas, e.g. offices


What we include in normal traffic areas are residential spaces and offices exposed to less wear and tear. All our wood floors, regardless of species and surface treatment (oil or lacquer) are well suited for light traffic areas - depending on what type of style you wish to achieve.

Wood flooring for high traffic areas, e.g. restaurants


High traffic areas include public spaces, such as restaurants, shops and reception spaces in offices. For these types of areas, we recommend harder wood species – e.g. oak – treated with oil. Oiled surfaces will retain their quality and appearance, if serviced on a regular basis.

Questions to answer and consider when choosing a floor:

  • What will the area be used for?
  • How much traffic will the floor be exposed to?
  • Which wood species are hard enough?
  • What is the expected lifespan of the floor?
  • What type of surface treatment – lacquer or oil?
  • How will the floor be maintained?