Kährs produces wood floors with many different appearances. One decisive factor is how the wood is cut. You can choose between different lengths, widths and patterns, depending on the impression you want to create. 1-strip full plank, 2-strip, 3-strip floor or a patterned parquet styled floor? We have a wide range of engineered wood floors so that you can choose the perfect design for your interior.

Kährs 1-strip wood flooring


The surface layer of every 1-strip board is sawn from a single piece of wood. The natural appearance of the wood, including knots, colour variations and grain, is reflected in this. However, for some of our 1-strip floor collections, we have selected wood that offers little variation in colour and a minimum of knots. Kährs 1-strip flooring is available in several different lengths and widths.

Kährs 2-strip wood flooring


The surface layer is two strips' wide. The strips are selected and arranged to give each 2-strip floor its own unique character. Kährs' 2-strip flooring is available in two options: long strips, and short strips.

Kährs 3-strip wood flooring


The surface layer of a 3-strip floor is created by placing three wood strips of different lengths, side by side, on each board. Kährs produces 3-strip flooring with a lively expression, but we also create compositions that evoke a calmer feel.

Kährs pattern flooring


Pattern floors can give a characteristic and sometimes dramatic expression to a room. Kährs provides ready-made Dutch pattern and Chevron pattern boards for easy and quick installation. Kährs Dutch pattern flooring has a unique repeating pattern with three short pieces running lengthwise separated by a perpendicular piece. The Chevron planks are cut to ensure that each “zig” and “zag” are connected at a 45 degree angle.