Individuality is at the heart of modern marketing and retailers need to find a way to communicate their brand story using their surroundings. Kährs provides floors with the power to take the customers’ experience to the next level. Floors that attract, engage and convert. Beyond expectations.

Kährs retail flooring, Quartz tiles

Attract, Engage, Convert!

It’s well known that there are several ways the overall retail experience, including the design of a store or retail space, can influence customer behaviour. Retailing is all about image and nothing sets the tone of the store – or the entire mall for that matter – like the choice of flooring. The design should be both welcoming and engaging, while also strengthening the company’s brand.

After all, the experience is the most memorable expression of a brand. And by providing a distinctive backdrop, your customers will remember how you made them feel.

In our brochure The Ultimate Guide to Retail Flooring, you can find out more about how the flooring solution can support the store through the customer journey.

What goes where

The floor should not only look good when freshly installed – it should continue to do so for a long time. That’s why it’s so important to choose wisely, considering a number of aspects that will affect both the look and the life span of the floor. These include: amount and type of traffic (apart from foot traffic, prams, wheelchairs, shopping carts etc) type of entrance (from the street or from a mall) and type of space.

Kährs offers a wide range of high quality flooring, suitable for all retail settings and spaces – from the small luxury boutique to the shopping mall. Our hundreds of options include naturally beautiful wood floors of every hue, Luxury Tiles combining good looks with performance and attractive Kährs Upofloor Quartz flooring suitable even for high-traffic areas.

In our brochure there is a brief Application Guide for Retail Flooring (p.37), where you can find our recommendation for different retail areas.

Check out our Retail Flooring Guide

Kährs retail flooring samples

A tour of our EuroShop booth and Retail Concept

At EuroShop in Dusseldorf 2020, we launched our Retail Concept and created a 3D tour of our booth. Experience a world of opportunities and floors beyond expectations with us. The booth showcased four different store environments –  Fashion, Beauty, Grocery and our heritage at Kährs.