Kährs Group awarded for CSR work by the Building Distribution Sector of Saint-Gobain

Kährs Group, a Swedish Europe-leading manufacturer of wood flooring and PVC-free resilient flooring, was recently awarded for its CSR work by the Building Distribution Sector of Saint-Gobain. Kährs Group was named best in class in Corporate Social Responsibility among European suppliers by the company.

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Kährs launches BIM objects for ArchiCad and Revit

Kährs can now offer BIM (Building Information Modelling) objects for ArchiCad and Revit as a result of our collaboration with bimobject.com. All our wood floors for architects and designers are available for download.

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Kährs Group boosts its commercial projects network with new Madrid showroom

Kährs Group is boosting its global commercial projects network by opening a new Architect & Designer showroom in Madrid. The showroom was inaugurated on 28 April and will service architects and designers working on both local and international projects.

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Study Wood2New proves wood’s positive impact on human beings

It’s been scientifically proven that wood has a positive impact on us. The European research project Wood2New, which ran for three years and was finalised in February 2017, shows that using wood as a construction material benefits both the environment and our health.

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