Our floors are durable and easy to keep clean. With proper maintenance, your wood floor will retain its beauty for years to come. Light-stained and light-coloured species of wood, however, are more sensitive to wear-and-tear than dark ones, and therefore require more frequent cleaning and maintenance. For optimal care, ensure entrances are properly designed and have an area for wiping shoes. Below you will find an overview of maintenance requirements for our wood flooring in commercial areas.

Kährs Maintenance Guide for wood flooring in commercial areas

Maintenance and care of factory-finished floors in commercial environments:

  • Our factory-finished surface can be strengthened with a further coat of finish to improve moisture resistance, but this is not necessary if use is similar to a domestic environment. However, note that an additional layer of finish may change the appearance of the floor's surface.
  • Day-to-day cleaning should be carried out using dry methods.
  • Do not allow the finish to become worn. This will avoid dirt and water penetrating the wood, ensuring the floor will retain its easy-clean surface.
  • If the floor is very worn, or needs renovation for some other reason, it can be machine-sanded to bare wood and have a new surface treatment applied.

Maintenance and care of oiled floors in commercial environments:

  • The factory-oiled surface should be reinforced with Kährs Satin Oil directly after installation and prior to use.
  • Day-to-day cleaning should be based on dry methods such as vacuuming or sweeping, as use of water and cleaning agents increases the need for further maintenance.
  • Wood floors require regular oil treatments. The frequency of treatments depends on its use and amount of foot traffic. Note that areas that are subject to greater wear than the rest of the floor can be partly treated.
  • If simply renovating the surface treatment is insufficient, the wood floor can be machine-sanded down to clean wood, then re-oiled.

Maintenance and Repair Guides

Kährs Maintenance and Repair Guides

For detailed instructions regarding maintenance, re-oiling and re-lacquering procedures, download our complete guides:

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Floor Care Guide & Kährs Warranty

Kährs floor care & warranty

Protect your investment, get more information about Kährs warranty, maintenance procedures and approved commerical uses:

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Kährs Life 5 Year Commercial Warranty


Kährs 5 Year Activity Floor Warranty

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Board Replacement Instructions

Board replacement

Sometimes it is not necessary to lift the whole floor in order to replace damaged boards, here you can find detailed instructions on board replacement:

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