Nature is wonderfully diverse. So are Kährs wood floors. The appearance depends on a number of factors, including board pattern, grading, surface treatment and refining treatment. This provides almost endless design opportunities.

Surface treatment - lacquered or oiled floors


Kährs offers several types of surface treatment. These include a variety of lacquers and oil. In 1984, Kährs was the first wood floor producer to implement an entirely solvent-free production process. Today all our surface treatments are solvent-free.

Refining treatment such as brushing, scraping and smoking of floors


Kährs continuously develops innovative ways to bring new designs to our wood floors, increasing possibilities for personal choices. The look and feel of the wood is enhanced through a variety of refining techniques, including brushing, scraping and smoking.

Kährs chevron pattern flooring


Kährs produces wood floors with many different appearances. One decisive factor is how the wood is cut. You can choose between different lengths, widths and patterns, depending on the impression you want to create.

Grading - Kährs wood flooring


Kährs offers floors with five different gradings, each with a unique character. The grading depends on which part of the log is used when producing each individual board. The grading goes from our cleanest boards with small variations, to very rustic floors with dramatic cracks and knots with a wide varity of color tones.