Are you looking for a durable flooring material that offers easy installation, provides low maintenance costs, and promotes creativity in public spaces? Then our Quartz range, featuring new sizes and colors to mix & match, will provide an excellent solution.

Kährs Upofloor Quartz is suited for areas within education, healthcare, retail/shop-fitting, and other public spaces where a durable, sustainable and easy-to-install option is needed. With many options to choose from, this range of resilient flooring helps to create a specific atmosphere through design, whether that be an atmosphere of relaxation, creativity, or learning.

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An introduction to a diverse material


  • Pattern enabled with modern modularity

    The range comes in different tile sizes to create endless design opportunities. The 3 modular sizes – 12” square, 24” square and 12”x24” rectangle – fit perfectly together and allow for new, exciting installation patterns.

  • Standing out with color

    The number one visual component people remember most from a new environment is color. The bold color palette of Quartz offers a multitude of choices, from traditional colors to eye catching alternatives, for creative use to boost the curiosity in public spaces.

  • Application areas

    Kährs Quartz flooring is recommended for heavyuse areas such as shops and department stores, offices, educational spaces and industrial premises. Combining the durability of Quartz tiles with the design possibilities in sizes and colors, the range is a great choice especially within education where creating inspirational areas is very important.

  • Easy installation with low material waste

    Installation is made easy, thanks to the thoughtful design and construction of the tiles. The flexible format offers design possibilities to keep installation waste to a minimum.

How to install Quartz


  • Durable and reliable

    Quartz has been produced by Upofloor for over 60 years in Finland, with successful installations worldwide. The Quartz tiles provide a very durable option due to hardness and excellent indentation resistance. Static load is tested at 3500 psi.

  • A range with different designs

    Explore all the styles: Mosaic and Tema feature a traditional chip design, Uni offers a unicolored design, and Lines presents new directional design.

  • A healthy and sustainable choice

    The tiles are made from quartz sand, plastics, minerals and additives, and up to 96% of unused materials are recycled back into production. The product contains 7% biobased material and is free from phthalates. Since 2020, Quartz has a Health Product Declaration (HPD).

  • Low life-cycle cost

    Flooring in public spaces is an investment for decades. It is therefore important to consider the total cost for the lifespan of the flooring, as the maintenance cost can substantially exceed the initial costs. Thanks to the PUR surface treatment, initial polishing is not needed and the dense surface rejects dirt, making maintenance easy and cost-effective.

How to maintain Quartz

Kährs Upofloor Quartz



Kährs Upofloor Quartz comes in a variety of different design and tile shape formats, including chipped, unicolor and line designs. You will find them in a multitude of colors in three size formats, allowing ultimate freedom of creativity. They work well with both harmonious minimalistic interiors, as well as with rich and opulent design styles and buildings from all eras.



The color palette is built based on the impact of color for best learning. We have designed a color mood that creates a cool and relaxing environment, while enhancing creativity with attention grabbing accents, all to increase students' performance. Focus and concentration are important for students; equally important is creating a joyful, happy and social learning environment. Good design for children and youth should foster exploration and discovery, spark creativity and invite questions.

Kährs Upofloor Quartz

Our Quartz Collections


Quartz Mosaic


The versatile Mosaic collection includes a wide variety of classic and colorful designs. The color palette is built based on the impact of color to create an environment of learning. We have created color moods that enhance creativity and stimulate a cool and relaxing environment. While the striped, tone-on-tone tinted granulates soften the visual appearance, they also hide dirt efficiently, making Mosaic suitable even for the most demanding areas and situations.

Quartz Lines


Give a warm welcome to Quartz Lines, the newest addition to the Quartz family. A true benefit of choosing the Lines design is that it shows direction. If you want to guide the eye and make rooms look longer or shorter, Lines is the perfect tool for you. It also makes installation patterns livelier with a directional striped design. The Lines collection offers 16 colors and is ideally combined with other Quartz designs.

Quartz Tema


The Tema collection offers a more minimalistic, non-directional, and modern chip design in a wide range of colors. Tema is an excellent choice for a more unicolored and subtle design than Mosaic, and still offers a forgiving chip design that prevents signs of dirt and usage. Tema's colors and sizes are nicely combined with Mosaic's colors to create a stunning pattern.

Quartz Uni


The wide range of our single-color Quartz Uni collection offers plenty of alternatives for timeless floor designs. Choosing different colors of Uni products or combining Uni with other Quartz tiles easily creates additional character. Uni provides color combinations that build an environment of curiosity, exploration, and discovery – especially when combined with other designs from the Quartz range.