Kährs Upofloor Quartz tiles are extremely durable, leading to low maintenance costs and low life-cycle costs. The dense surface rejects dirt, which makes maintenance easy and cost-effective.

Low life-cycle cost

Flooring in public spaces is an investment for decades. It is therefore important to consider the total cost for the lifespan of the flooring, as the maintenance cost can substantially exceed the initial costs.

Quartz provides a homogeneous construction, made from only a few raw materials, and with a polyurethane (PUR) surface treatment. Thanks to the PUR surface treatment, initial polishing is not needed and the dense surface rejects dirt, making maintenance easy and cost-effective.

  • PUR technology promotes easy cleaning
  • The dense surface rejects dirt
  • Excellent indentation resistance – durable flooring material
  • Individual tiles can easily be replaced, if needed

For more information and instructions about how you can clean and maintain your Quartz flooring, please check out our
Kährs Upofloor Quartz Maintenance Guide.

See also how to install Quartz tiles.

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